The Delivery part 1: A unexpected Client

Carl Clover would’ve made his arrival to Coruscant, knowing by the request to meet his client and contact at the Dealer’s den cantina. He would’ve made his way to the lower levels towards the cantina, as he would make his way inside, he would hear the loud music, seeing people enjoying and having there drinks, dancers entertaining their customers.

Carl would look round, as he would see a free seats, he would make his way to one of the tables, as he takes seat on a chair, waiting for his client to show, whilst waiting he would notice two thug figures looking at him, they would give a light nod to one another, as they make their way towards Carl, one looking at Carl directly. “Hey kid, you’re sat in our spot”! as Carl would look up towards the figure “…there are plenty more seats, you can sit elsewhere”. as Carl responds the Thug would look more highly annoyed at Carl. “Let me say this again kid, move or we’ll make you move”! as carl would be lightly glaring up at the figure, his hand slowly reaching for his blaster, in case things were to get ugly.

But out of the blue would be a unknown hooded figure, holding what seems to be a small crate, he would approach to the two thugs in a calming voice. “Excuse me”. The two thugs would look back to the hooded figure “This young man has been saving our seat, I’m sure you may sit elsewhere”. The Thug would look more annoyed, as his hand would reach for his knife to his pocket. “This is not of your concern old man”! as of next moment the Hooded figure would lightly wave his hand to the thug “You have no Interest for this table, you would rather take another”. The thug would looked kind of dazed, as he would look back to his friend “Hey, lets go find another table, got no interest for this one”. As the two thugs would make their leave else where to another table. Carl would look highly confused as looking at the hooded figure, the hooded figure would then be looking at Carl, as he would then be taking his seat, as he would look to Carl. “What you would’ve done would’ve been unwise Mister Clover, as it is not best to draw much attention to a place such as this”. The hooded figure would show his face more clearly, as it is to be a Kel dor, though one who Carl would’ve seen this figure in files related to his mother, and from Malsuts trial, he would blink in surprise, as he speaks lowly. “Jedi Master Vrontus, You’re my contact”? As then the Jedi master would nod lightly to Carl. “Indeed, it has been sometime since the Trial over Lord Malsut, but before I discuss this favor I must ask, How have you been”? Carl would’ve then blinked as he would answer back “Well, i’ve been doing well, Helping out the Aurora still, resting from a Incident, got back into shape, and now mostly back in action”. The Jedi Master would’ve nod lightly. “Good, good. I’m glad to see you’re doing well Mister Clover” Carl would then too nod. “Please just call me Carl, Mister makes me feel old, It’s not like you called my Mother when she was a Jedi ‘Lady Ray’ right”? The Kel dor Jedi would laugh lightly “I suppose so, very well Carl. Anyways, about my favor, this is a matter of urgency for the Jedi in which someone like you could help”. As the Kel dor passes to Carl on table the small crate, carl would raise a brow, as he would open the lid.

Inside would be four Jedi holocrons, but to Carl it may seem different. “…You want me to deliver some glowing cubes”? The Jedi Master would shake his head. “These are no ‘Glowing cubes’ Carl. These are Jedi holocrons. The holocrons hold valuable teachings to the Jedi, our history, knowledge, teachings, and saber forms. I m entrusting you to Deliver them to the other Jedi, on Dantooine”. Carl would’ve raised a brow, as unfamiliar with the world. “Dantooine? I thought all the Jedi be somewhere closer? you guys not keeping in touch”? The Kel dor Jedi master would lightly shake his head “I’m afraid not, as most Jedi have gone to Ossus, most other Jedi prefer to keep hidden to train the future Jedi, hence spreading our numbers to help regrow. But in any case Carl, I would’ve done this myself, but I have other matters I need seeing to, that is why I am entrusting you to get these Holocrons to the Jedi on Dantooine. I know this feels wrong of me to ask the Son of my old Padawan to carry this task, but I need someone who ain’t bound fully by the republic to get this done without attracting any Imperial or Sith attention, can you do this Carl”? As the Kel dor Jedi master looks to Carls eyes, Carl would give a light nod to the Jedi master. “Master Vrontus, I’ll be happy to help Deliver the holocrons to the Jedi on Dantooine, where would I find them”? as the jedi master would look pleased as he nods, he would slide a datapad to Carl. “This will have the coordinates where to find them, and who to meet, There is a Jedi master named Qeo Zuxlits, a Ithorian. He will be expecting you at these coordinates”. As Carl would then lightly nods keeping the datapad close. “Understood, I’ll be sure the Jedi on Dantooine get this soon”. As the Jedi master would nod “Thank you, we would be your dept Carl Clover, I do hope you have safe travels to Dantooine, May the force be with you”. as the Jedi master would lightly nod his head lightly, Carl would lightly smile shaking his head. Thanks but, think you’ll need it more then me, as force and I do not see eye to eye, but I appreciate it”. As he would then stand holding the crate and datapad. “May the force be with you too Master Vrontus”. The Jedi master would nod, as Carl would make his way out of the cantina, and head his way back towards his ship, readying himself for his task to Deliver the holocrons to the Jedi on Dantooine.

Posted 3 Mar 2019 by Carl Clover