The Aurorá Enclave Structure

The Aurora Enclave was established after the extinguishing of the Crescent Enclave. The Jedi of the Enclave focussed on training and tutoring a new generation of Jedi to eventually contribute to the fight against the enemies of the Republic in a role that would suit them bes which they get to choose after they are knighted. For example:

  • Jedi Consular
  • Jedi Guardian
  • Jedi Sentinel

One who searched to join the Jedi Enclave would start off as an initiate* and train/work his way up to the rank of a Padawan, getting assigned to a Jedi Knight or Master, as an apprentice. When the padawan is ready, he or she is allowed to perform the Knighthood trials to see if he or she is worthy to be given the rank of Jedi Knight.


Motto: Strength lies in Unity!

*If you feel like you have a large IC and RP history with your character and are qualified to join as a Jedi Knight, you will have to contact Avékum about this, he will decide based on your roleplay and lore knowledge if you are fit for this.

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