The Aurorá Company Structure



The Aurora Company

! Heads up ! Due to our little break the trooper squad structure is not what it used to be, some squad leaders went inactive or stopped playing. Joining squads is still possible but until a decent squad leader has been found, all troopers are expected to report to Battlemaster Avékum Toretto.



Manpower: 150~

Current Commanding Officer: Battlemaster Avékum Toretto

Composition: Acklay Platoon, Omega Platoon (NPC), Liberation Platoon (NPC), Thunderbolt Platoon (NPC).

Military Doctrine

  1. Advanced Warfare
  2. Special Reconnaissance
  3. Direct Action
  4. Military Assistance
  5. Sabotage and demolition
  6. Hostage rescue
  7. Humanitarian missions
  8. Peacekeeping
  9. Surgical Strike
  10. Contributing to the reestablishing of the Republic and the Jedi Order.
  11. Aiding planets who suffered greatly during the war with Zakuul.
  12. Spreading the Republic’s influence again throughout the Galaxy.
  13. Restoring peace and render aid to war torn worlds ravaged by Star Fortresses and the Eternal Fleet.
  14. Protecting them from pirates and thugs who would take advantage of the death, destruction, and chaos.

Company Motto: Endure and Overcome


Manpower: 30~

Commanding Officer(s): Lieutenant Datalie Blackraven, Lieutenant Dycerd Trez, Jedi Commander Escella O’ress

Composition: Spectre Squad, Vendetta Squad, Jester Squad, Jackal Squad, Mirage Squad.


Acklay Platoon stands apart from the rest of the platoons within the Aurorá Company, due to them serving as a 1st Division within the company. Each soldier within Acklay has been handpicked through a thorough selection, where only the best and brightest soldiers within the Company serve within.


Once a soldier is inducted within Acklay, the said soldier will be placed within one of the famous five squads, depending on where their skills suit them best.


Squad Leader: Lieutenant Datalie Blackraven

Executive Officer: Sergeant Stahlvogel

Unit designation: Special Forces

Classified: Black-Ops

Colours: Black

Officially, Spectre Squad is known as a commando unit, formally, Special Forces. Their purpose on the battlefield is flexible, as the soldiers conducted into Spectre are usually handpicked from within the best of the Republic Army’s ranks. During a platoon deployment, it wouldn’t be a rare sight to see Spectre Troopers leading the charge during an assault, followed in closely by Vendetta and Jester.

Unofficially, they are known only to the highest ranked members of the Core and select few personnel, Spectre is infamously an Aurorá Core burn squad, in other words, Black-Ops. Performing missions and duties that no one wants to do, yet necessary in war.

Spectre Black-Ops Applications

  1. Clandestine Operations (assassination, sabotage, espionage, missions deemed too ‘dirty’ to be put on paper)
  2. Surgical Strikes
  3. Arming and training local militia/resistance to fight back against the enemies of the Republic
  4. Serve and reinforce other military branches during joint operations
  5. To dominate the enemy opposition with every means possible

Due to their hidden Black-Ops agenda, the soldiers within Spectre are Republic Diehards, who would go through any length to protect their people through any means necessary.

Spectre Motto: ‘Kill first, die last’


Squad Leader: Lieutenant Dycerd Trez

Executive Officer: Corporal Kiylaran

Unit designation: Intelligence

Colours: Green and White

Vendetta Squad are the eyes and ears of Acklay platoon, discovering and hunting for even the tiniest snippets of  information, when a job needs doing. You can count on Vendetta to make it easier. Vendetta ‘agents’ (as they have sometimes been nicknamed) have a knack for blending in and staying stealthy, never escalating a situation, yet they are no pushovers when it comes to combat. Vendetta squad mostly gathers intelligence for Spectre (see above) and aerial units. They also work well with Jackal, the two squads having a sort of friendly competition.

Vendetta applicants are handpicked from the smartest and most resourceful troopers in Acklay, trained to be self reliant, Vendetta troops are experts at thinking outside the box.

Duties of Vendetta squad:
1) Surveillance and reconnaissance
2) Undercover work
3) Interrogation and various other intelligence gathering techniques
4) Negociations

Vendetta squad motto: ‘Never without duty.’


Squad Leader: Sergeant Targoya So’kon

Executive Officer: Corporal Higell Davitt

Unit designation: Heavy Support, Weapon Specialists

Colour: Blue and White

Jester Squad are the Weapons and Explosive experts of Acklay Platoon. Specialising in support Techniques, being the ‘Big Brother’- a nickname given to Jester after supporting squads in 72% of missions, held within Acklay Platoon. Being loud and proud is how Jester Operates, working closely with Vendetta and Spectre. Never a dull moment in Jester Squad – Loud and Proud boys, Loud and Proud.


  1. Weapons and Explosives experts
  2. Field interrogation
  3. Air and ground Support
  4. Bomb disposal


Jester Motto: ‘Loud and Proud.’


Squad Leader: Lieutenant 2nd Class Raxork

Executive Officer: Sergeant Major Colmax

Unit designation: Galactic Marines / Field Medics

Colours: Red and White


Mirage Squad are the galactic Marines and serve as the lifeblood of Acklay Platoon. Under the Republic Department of the Navy, Marines were cross-trained to fight on a variety of environments in ground, water and space, making them extremely versatile. They specialize in underwater and in-space boarding and capturing of enemy strongholds and spaceships as well as amphibious operations and medical procedures as they serve as the medical arm of Acklay Platoon. Mirage is equipped with all standard Marine equipment, but they also carry with them an advanced medkit, containing some of the most modern medicines known to the Republic, ensuring that they have a method of treatment for any injury that could face the members of Acklay Platoon.

Mirage applicants are picked from the troopers in Acklay who show intelligence and cunning on the battlefield, as well as a large understanding of medical procedure. Troopers in Mirage Squad are excellent at following existing medical procedure, as well as improvising, and thinking of new ways to treat the fellow soldier.


Duties of Mirage Squad:

  1. Medical procedures both on and outside the battlefield.
  2. Amphibious operations
  3. Multi-terrain combat
  4. Field evacuations
  5. Boarding and capturing enemy strongholds


Mirage motto: “Adapt and overcome.”


Squad leader: Sergeant Fajeesh Narom (Inactive)

Executive officer: –

Unit Designation: Recon, Signal corps, Sniper unit

Colours: Adaptive to environment

Jackal Squad is the specialized reconnaissance, signal and sniper unit of the Acklay Platoon. Tasked with advanced scouting, sniper support, setting up signal lines for communication and jamming the enemy’s communication networks amongst many others. Jackal works closely with other squads of the Aurorá company to provide the best and recent scout reports. There’s a friendly competition between Jackal and Vendetta squad, but both excel in their very own ways. Always operating around the principle of being ahead of the enemy but if necessary falling back to maintain their element of surprise, Jackal is one of the most effective, deadliest and stealthiest squads of the Aurorá Company.

Duties of Jackal Squad: 

  1. Reconnaisance
  2. Signal duty
  3. Sniper support
  4. Infiltration

Jackal Motto: “Always a step ahead.”




Private 2nd Class

Private 1st Class




Sergeant Major

Lieutenant 2nd Class

Lieutenant 1st Class







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