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Date: at GMT, run by Avékum

As you can see, there’s only a few event announcements on here. The reason behind this is because we now announce our events via our Discord chat, all our guild members have acces to! (Link is in the guild description) We find this a lot easier since many spend more time on Discord than on our actual website!




Date: 22/12/16 at 19:00 GMT, run by Avékum

Battlemaster Toretto assembles the Jedi and troopers of Aurora Core in order to face another threat of Zakuul!


Date: 21/11/16 at 19:00 GMT, run by Avékum

Event leader: Avékum

The Conclave

Date: 14/11/16 at 19:00 GMT, run by Avékum

Battlemaster Avékum gathers his Jedi and troopers to talk about something that could change their lives forever!

Roleplay @ Tatooine Stronghold

Date: 15/10/16 at 19:00 GMT, run by Alexis

Get together for a lovely Saturday social…

Money, Money, Money

Date: 08/08/2016 at 20:00 GMT, run by Alderim

coinsHaving gathered a squad under Jedi Master Alderim, the members of Aurorá Core dare to pull off an expensive heist of a Zakuul vault…