Republic SpecForce

Republic Special Forces Division is the elite wing of the Republic Army, formed of specialized teams and cells for different tasks. Aurora Core was rebuilt by members of the Crescent Coalition as a SpecForce division. Some other well-known divisions include Havoc Squad and Eclipse Squad.

Their main base of operations is on the west wing of Coruscant’s Senate Tower.

The soldiers in this unit could specialise in several roles as:

  • Advanced Rifleman – This is a typical soldier role that allows to gain a wider range of training. Main weaponry used is short to long ranged rifles equipped with the standard flash bangs and grenades.
  • Demolitions – This is for troopers who have a knack for explosives and like things that go BOOM!!!!
    Main arsenal will be grenades, charges and will also be able to disarm bombs.
  • Heavy Weapons – This field is for those who think they can manage a big gun. Normally chosen by the more experienced soldiers, These troopers can wield anything from an assault cannon to a missile launcher.
  • Medic – Medics heal the wounded and sick both on and off the field. In a battle situation they can be the difference between life and death for a soldier. The equipment they carry normally contains a first aid pack along with other healing tools. Normally carry a light rifle or blaster pistol for if they go on the offensive.

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