Jedi Initiate


“The term Jedi Initiate, Jedi Trainee, or Youngling referred to a Force-sensitive child who was undergoing the early stages of Jedi training at a Jedi academy. In the Old Order, the term was used to denote members of the Order from the time they joined communal learning group known as a clan, until the time they passed the Initiate Trials and were selected by a Jedi Knight or Master for one-on-one training as a Padawan. During peacetime when the academy functioned on a standard teaching regimen, Initiates’ training was restricted to the academy at which they were based, rarely venturing outside of its walls. Youngling was a term that existed in Galactic Basic Standard to refer to a child in a species-neutral way; the term was often used affectionately by the handlers that oversaw Initiate training.”  –Wookiepedia


Initiates don’t have to face their challenges alone, they all are assigned a family that will surround them from the moment the sunstone wakes you to the moment you drift to sleep in your beds. The Jedi fosterers who watched over you in infancy forsaw where you would belong.

  • Bear Clan: If you are of the Bear clan, you are brave. No enemy is too fearsome for you to defeat.
  • Dragon Clan: If you are of the Dragon clan, you are tenacious. Nothing can make you back away if you do not will it.
  • Katarn Clan: If you are of the Katarn clan, you are stealthy. You draw the Force around yourself as a cloak, taking footsteps in silence.
  • Bergruufta Clan: If you are of the Bergruufta clan, you are loyal. Your heart will lead you forward when the way is dark.
  • Squall Clan: If you are of the Squall Clan, you are swift. Your tread keeps you many steps ahead of your foes.
  • Heliost Clan: If you are of the heliost clan, you hold great insight. Learn well the lessons of the Temple’s lore keepers and no secret will remain locked to you.

These and the other clans are the rooths of the three that sustains the Order. Youngling must never feel an outsider, and any reassignment requests to alternate clans should be taken only after the most serious meditation. Until chosen as a Padawan learner, initiates will sleep, eat, train and grow with their clan. Never forget the bonds you make there.

Sources: Aurora Core, Wookiepedia, posted by Avékum