The Initiate Trials


“The Jedi Initiate Trials were the tests by which Jedi Initiates were given as prerequisite in order to progress to the level of Padawan within the Jedi Order. Like the Trials of Knighthood, these tests were required to be taken by all students in order to proceed to the next rank in the Jedi Order.”

When a youngling reaches the end of his/her years as Jedi Initiate, they will no longer be younglings, and can no longer remain in the Temple. Without growth, there is death. All of them must pass from Initiate into a new level of service.

To reach this new level, the Initiate Trials must be completed. A youngling should be well prepared for them at that stage. You must demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the Jedi Code. You must also demonstrate self-discipline trough meditation and lightsaber combat. And you must prove that the Force flows trough you and that you are not a rock stubbornly blocking its current.

All these things are to be expected of one who has completed the training of a Jedi Initiate, but not all of the younglings will pass trough to the same place. Some with graduate to Padawan. This will see you apprenticed to a Jedi Knight or Master, and is necessary to become a Knight or Master. But competency at the Initiate Trials is not enough to earn a Padawan apprenticeship. You must forge a bond with a Knight or Master, and some will discover that the Force does not wish one to follow such a path.

All of the Initiates have pledged to serve the Republic, and the members of the Jedi Service Corps are no less Jedi than those who roam the stars to defend the weak. If a youngling is not taken on as an apprentice, a position in the Agricultural Corps or the Educational Corps will allow them to continue to follow the principles they have sworn to uphold and serve the Republic as they have vowed.

Some of them may not follow either path. Regretfully, the Council may decide the path of the Jedi is not for a certain person. If one arrives at this decision, then its the Force speaking to him/her, and he/she is not meant to follow the Jedi Path. Should this be destiny, younglings are told to remember their training as they build a new life and seek out opportunities to be of benefit to theirself and others.

Sources: Aurora Core, Wookiepedia, posted by Avékum