Jedi Sentinel


“Control and focus are the hallmarks of the Sentinel. Through years of training the Sentinel learns the art of using two Lightsabers simultaneously to create an intricate web of damage that is almost impossible to evade.”

Sentinels focused on a variety of fields, some with honorifics in the Order, others with skills taken up by professional in the rest of civilization. Applying their abilities to the art of the slicer, technician, spy, and security experts, the Sentinels also take on very specific titles in the Order.

  • Jedi Investigator: Working as specialized trackers and even spies, the Jedi Investigators worked closely with law enforcement to track down criminals and discover the truth behind crimes. Going undercover for long stretches of time, investigators should not be confused with their Shadow cousins, as the role of an investigator focuses mainly on crime as opposed to Dark Side Adepts.
  • Jedi Recruiter: Working as members of the Acquisition Division of the Order, the Jedi recruiters honed the talents learned from Jedi Investigators to track down and identify Force-sensitives to assess whether they belonged in the Jedi Order. Republic law required all newborns undergo testing, with potential candidates’ names being recorded in the Division’s prized Kyber memory crystal. After the child had aged a few months, the Order would dispatch a recruiter to test the child and see if they met the qualifications to begin training on the Jedi Path.
  • Jedi Shadow: A highly respected and secreted group of Jedi, the Shadows went farther than the Investigators in their hunt for the truth. Working closely with the Council of First Knowledge, the Shadows seek and destroy all traces of the Dark side of the Force and its adepts. While not always present at the Temple, the Shadows were based in the Temple Precinct and reported back as frequently as their mission allowed.
  • Jedi Watchman (also done by Guardians):  The Jedi Watchmen were a group of individuals who chose to work alone in the oversight of peace on a single planet or system. Focusing on bettering society and protecting the rights of a system for years at a time, they became a vital liaison between the planetary government and the Jedi High Council.

Additional Specialisations

Many Jedi Sentinels resided at the Jedi Temple, using their skills where needed and providing assistance to local law enforcement. The Technical division of the Order was staffed by tech experts who specialized in the maintenance of droids and other mechanicals, a skill rare among the generally anti-droid members of the Order. Developing a special technique known as mechu-deru, many were able to see the intuitiveness behind the complex structures that droids were comprised of.

Security experts and slicers also maintained their skills at the Temple by running through practice courses devised to test their abilities and the skills of their trade. Without the Force to assist them, these two skills were largely developed through unassisted training and the gift of years of hard work. The quartermaster of the Jedi Temple worked to ensure that all Jedi equipment had been updated and that the storehouse at the Temple was always stocked with the latest technology.

Sources: Aurorá Core, posted by Avékum