Crescent Coalition ✝

The Crescent Coalition were an organization loosely linked to the Republic that was dedicated to fighting the Eternal Empire.

The name stands for the collection of units that signed the crescent threaty. The treaty was a commitment to aid relief on the outer rim and increasing republic influence with independent systems.

The different units were: The 220th ARC unit, the Crescent Jedi Enclave, the gray Jedi section (this section later dissapeared due to the low amount of gray jedi).

The Crescent Coalition was led by the Coalition Council, the members of this council were:

  • Lord Commander Roalkino Panteer – Leader of the council
  • Grandmaster Vandar-Krell- Leader of the Jedi Enclave
  • Major Bjorn Hellbourne – Leader of the 220th ARC Unit
  • Diplomat Erik Gul – Handles all the Coalitions negotiations
  • Battlemaster Avékum Toretto – Main military advisor and High Jedi General
  • Admiral Remiem – Admiral of the Celestial
  • Shadow Master Raen-dar – Leader of intelligence
  • Master Zate -2nd to Grandmaster Vandar-Krell
  • Disciple Shaa -Leader of the Grey Jedi

After the invasion of the Eternal Empire, the survivors of the Crescent Coalition regathered and formed Aurorá Core.

Sources: Aurorá Core, posted by Alexis