The Celestial

The Celestial was the flagship of the Crescent Coalition. With a capacity of up to 2000 crew and twice as many troops, alongside vast hangar sections that can hold nearly 200 small craft, the Valor-class cruiser was the Coalition’s central hub of operations, usually housing most of the troopers and some Jedi when they weren’t at the Enclave.

For the most part, the Celestial was run by far fewer numbers than it could theoretically support, with usually no more than 500-700 members on board. This was due to the Coalition’s official detachment from Republic forces, leaving them short-staffed. The cruiser also didn’t see much battle, usually providing operational support and logistics rather than firepower, in an attempt to keep the ship away from the eyes of Zakuul.

The Celestial was destroyed in 22 ATC alongside the rest of Crescent Coalition’s power base.

Sources: Aurorá Core, posted by Alexis