About Us

Dark days fell over the universe. The Republic and the Jedi Order are slowly recovering from the long and cruel war with the Eternal Empire of Zakuul. All hands are necesarry in order to establish and reform the Republic and its ideals again and spread peace around the galaxy… 

A group of Jedi, troopers, privateers loyal to the ideals of democracy gathered and decided to form a coalition, dedicated to end the totalitarianism that flows throughout the galaxy. Steadfast and persevered, the members of Aurorá Core fight to reclaim their long lost freedom! For the Republic…!

We are Aurorá Core, a med/heavy roleplay guild on the Progenitor server of Star Wars: The Old Republic Formed from past members of the Republic guild Crescent Coalition who wanted to keep the spirit and story of the guild alive!

Our roleplay plots are often based upon the numerous threats around the galaxy as well as establishing a new generation of Jedi/Troopers for the future. The roleplay events can be split up in these different categories:

• Lessons/teachings for the younger Jedi (including Master/Padawan roleplay)

• Trainings for the troopers, privateers,…

• Field missions (Aiding planetary resistance groups, supply runs, humanitarian/Diplomatic missions, assisting on the battlefield,…)

• Main roleplay storylines

• …








Other: If none of the sections above fit your character or if you had a different idea for your character, don’t hesitate to ask our admins about this! In the past we’ve had several people like this who eventually joined as: Temple Guardians, Gray Jedi, Zakuul Knights, Civilians, Merchants, Medics, Smugglers, Privateers,…


**UPDATE SINCE 2017** (Also spoilers about KOTET)

We now roleplay in the current state of the galaxy!
The Eternal Empire of Zakuul has been defeated by the Alliance and both the Empire and the Republic are slowly but surely recovering from the war! More info about the current state of the galaxy can be found here.

Our roleplay plots are now mainly based on:

We welcome any Republic class, being formed of squads led by both Jedi and troopers combined.

Our Ranks

Battlemaster / Major

Councillor / Lieutenant

Master / Sergeant

Knight / Corporal

Padawan / Private

Initiate / Trainee