Under the wings of the Republic, a squad of Jedi and military veterans work in the shadows to battle against the enemies of the Republic.

For Duty, Honor, for the Republic!

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Registering an account with us!

Due to issues with spam accounts being created, we have disabled our Register button. However, if you wish to make an account on the website, you should message myself (Tyrusso) on Discord (Either a DM or a tag via the Discord server will do).   If you are new and wish to apply, the application […]

Server Migration

Hi all, I know I don’t check in much (or at all, really) due to a lot of stuff going on in my life, but I’m just reminding you I do watch over the site at the very least. Quoresh has been locked in the Tatooine basement for a few weeks now working on the […]

Guild Flagship!

Hello everyone! I’m proud to inform you all we now posses a flagship and that it can be used IC as from last event. May it open a lot of new RP oppurtunities! Cheers

About us

We are Aurorá Core, a medium roleplay guild on The Progenitor servers of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Formed from past members of the Republic guild Crescent Coalition who wanted to keep the spirit and story of the guild alive, we have just set up shop with a new stronghold and website, and plan to begin a new story arc this summer!

We welcome any Republic class, being formed of squads led by both Jedi and troopers combined. Feel free to have a look at our team on the About Us page, or hop straight to the forums and see what we’re all about!


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Why join us?

  • Dedicated Admin Team!
  • Awesome Roleplay Storylines!
  • Roleplay your way up in ranks!
  • Active Community!
  • PvP and PvE events!
  • We have cookies! 😉